What is RecipeKarma?

RecipeKarma is an easy to use Crowd Funding and Recipe Sharing platform that helps to raise money for nonprofits and people in need. Please support these campaigns by purchasing recipes that were carefully written, prepared, photographed and uploaded by the campaign sponsors. A significant portion of the money received will go directly to the campaigns you support. The recipes you purchase will stay online and totally accessible to you in your own RK Recipe Book, stored on our cloud. You can access your recipes at any time by signing in from your computer or mobile device.

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About RecipeKarma

My name is Danny Lavender and I am the founder of RecipeKarma.com. I grew up on Long Island, a suburb of New York City. From the time I can remember, food was always a big deal in my house. We were one of those family’s that showed love with food. From holiday dinners to backyard BBQ’s, we shared, laughed and occasionally cried together over a big plate of food. I learned so much about life over those delicious meals, they really shaped who I am today. Lessons about character, strength and resolve were many, but those about compassion and caring for others really left an impression on me.

RecipeKarma.com supports food equality: access to fresh produce and healthy food for all. RK will initiate and sponsor efforts to eliminate food deserts in economically disadvantaged communities.