1. When I launch my campaign, how much of the monies raised or donated are actually given to the cause I choose?

During our Beta Test, 100% of the proceeds are donated to the campaigns. Afterwards: Almost ALL! The amount RecipeKarma will charge per campaign will differ depending on volume and the level of support required, we expect an average of 80% of proceeds to be paid out to each campaign. A portion of RecipeKarma’s sales will be funneled back into our own social responsibility initiative. RecipeKarma supports food equality. Food equality is the access to fresh produce and healthy food for all. RK will initiate and sponsor efforts to eliminate food deserts in economically disadvantaged communities.

2. Why would people pay for a recipe if they can get them free?

Recipekarma is just a simple platform to share your favorite recipes all while helping to support the cause or need of your choice. We look at the recipes as an exchange, in appreciation for your donation. Each recipe comes with its own unique story about the food and the people who are sharing with you.

3. When does the cause receive the funds?

Almost immediately. Each transaction is automatically credited to the campaign sponsors Stripe account. The sponsors choose how often to receive the money: daily, weekly, and monthly.

4. Can I launch more than one campaign?

Yes! You can launch as many as you want, we encourage you to be more involved in your community.

5. How many recipes can I feature in my campaign?

You can share as many as you like.

6. What are some of the highlights of creating a campaign?

It is a great way to tell your food story and to share your favorite recipes all for a good cause. Each campaign you sponsor and each recipe you upload benefits a cause in a different and unique way, Food is the common denominator between all races, creeds and cultures. Food bridges all divides and brings people together.

What is your food story?

Share that story and launch a campaign to support your favorite cause or person in need at RecipeKarma.com